Commit to action on something that scares you.

Get support from like-minded people.

Share your process publically.

Challenge someone to do the same.

What is this?

Febuary is such an in-between month. For many of us, the thrill of starting a new year is over. It's just business as usual and facing dreary winter weather. We're waiting for spring and summer to bring new life.
But I'm calling for us to take back February as a month of creativity, risk, connection, and courage.

The idea is simple: choose one thing that you've been wanting to do but have hesitated on doing and take action on it in February, share your work with your community, invite others to participate, and get support along the way.

Along the way the community will be supporting, inspiring, and helping one another.

Whether it's recording your first song, making public your first business idea, pitching a big project to your boss, investing in your art, taking a class; no matter what it is and no matter how big or small— Fearless February is your chance to take action on it along with me and people all over the world.

What fear will you face?

Get Fearless Support

  • Frequent inspiration on courage, risk, fear, and action from Dan Cumberland.
  • A community of Fear-facers in the #FearlessFebruary Facebook Group.
  • Optional weekly Q&A and meetings via Google Hangout.

What fear will you face?

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